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Microbore Silicone Tube

We can produce silicone tube in diameter sizes from 0.25mm up to 90mm. General purpose grades can be offered in hardness ranges from 40 shore to 80 shore. We manufacture most sizes, wall thicknesses and grades. We can produce in all colours and offer a colour matching service if required. Platinum cured is also offered as standard. We also stock reinforced silicone tube, platinum and peroxide cured. Minimum quantity 5mtrs of any size.

We now stock microbore silicone tube as standard.

Part No. Size (id x od) mm Size (id x wall) mm Colour Hardness
TYM 7278  0.25id x 0.75od (0.25id x 0.25) Trans 60 Shore
TYM 8791 0.40id x 1.20od (0.40id x 0.40) Trans 60 Shore
TYM 7275 0.50id x 1.50od (0.50id x 0.50) Trans 60 Shore
TYM 7276 0.50id x 2.10od (0.50id x 0.80) Trans 60 Shore
TYM 7277 0.80id x 1.80od (0.80id x 0.50) Trans 60 Shore
TYM 2127 1.00id x 2.00od (1.00id x 0.50) Trans 60 Shore


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